We believe there are three factors that are the foundation for success in Sales:

  1. Planning and strategy – behind every successful sale is all of the pre-sale preparation – thinking, researching and having a plan. It is the plan that ensures you can be truly effective when you start selling, and the plan that makes you confident you can adapt to changing situations arising during the course of the sales process.
  2. Excellent sales technique – Sales is no different to any other skill – the more you know the right technique, the more effective you can be. We train hundreds of people in understanding the best process and practice to follow to ensure a successful outcome when they are selling. We can do this through our Workshops as well as through our Training Courses – click here for more information.
  3. Having a positive state of mind that ensures you are confident – sales can be tough, so staying motivated and maintaining the momentum, which ensures your business, continues to hit sales targets, especially when dealing with difficult clients!

Learn how to rise to all three of these challenges.

Our “Make the Leap Workshops” are extremely practical.  At the end of the workshops we will have helped you create a practical, action-led “Business Development Plan”, designed to help you make the leap to increased revenue, find new clients or penetrate new markets.

How do our workshops work?

  1. Briefing Meeting:  Leapfrog will work with you to establish what you want to achieve in your Business Development activity. We discuss the outcome and plan that you want to leave with and then put into action, following the workshop.
  2. The Workshops:  Your workshops will be interactive, with a facilitator working with you and your colleagues / team to create the practical action led plan and the answers to your specific opportunities and challenges.
  3. Mentoring 1:1’s: We always run post workshop follow up mentoring sessions to make sure you are staying on track and following your plan – it’s all too easy to go back to old habits so we help you manage this through report backs and helpful idea based consultations.

‘Off the shelf’ and Bespoke Workshops:

Do you need to:

  • Build a more substantial Sales Pipeline?
  • Develop more prospects to find new clients?
  • Be more effective at Networking?
  • Have had a re-brand so need to work on what your ‘story’ is and then telling your story with more pizzazz?
  • Create an effective plan and process for dealing with incoming enquiries?
  • Feel more confident when selling?
  • Change your mindset and improve your attitude to sales

Workshop Options:

  • Lite:  1 hour
  • Dip In:  3 hour
  • Deeper Dive:  1 day
  • Pick & Mix : Workshop + 1:1 Mentoring Sessions

Workshops can be run with small groups of 4+ people or as a larger group of up to 30 people, with more than 1 facilitator supervising small breakout groups

For more information call 07711 157118 or

email Leapfrog here