Sales Training & Coaching

We believe there are some common misconceptions associated with training.

  1. A training course is expected to work like magic – once a delegate returns to work all sales skills will miraculously be better!
  2. Open courses entice you into thinking your team will be able to “Close that Deal” once the “famous” American style “enta-trainer” has finished his 3 hour rendition.
  3. Training is a risky waste of money and it is better to learn on the job from the owner / manager of the business.

Leapfrog’s Three C’s Training Course Ethos


  • All training courses to be followed up with consultation ‘surgery’ sessions to ensure training course content is being utilised in the work place and core competencies have improved.

Commercially Relevant

  • All training courses designed to be relevant to your business or industry.


  • No training course delivered until a trainer has spent time with or spoken to participants and their manager.


Leapfrog offers a tailored and personal approach to training:

  • A course is never run until we understand the issues your team or business face. We do this by coming into your offices to meet with you and get a full training and delegate brief.
  • Any sales training and coaching programme is then developed to meet with your requirements.
  • Our training courses are run in small groups of no more than 6-8 people so that practical exercises can be used as part of the training and help put theory into practice.



This high level of engagement with your business will result in visible sales improvements and measurable increases in sales.

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Training Course Duration
Introduction to Sales
This course provides beginners with the basic techniques and structure of how to sell.
1 day
Sales Refresher.
A reminder for intermediate sales people of the core ingredients and structure of the sales process
1 day
Cold Calling
Techniques and plans to encourage successful cold calling
1 day
Converting that Lead.
This course helps anyone involved in dealing with incoming enquiries increase their conversion level
1 day
Selling to Agencies.
How to sell effectively to agency personnel
1 day
Key Account Management.
Reviewing key accounts and developing techniques to increase revenue from them
1 day
Customer Care.
Perfect for all administrators and those that support sales people – how to improve skills when dealing with clients.
1/2 – 1 day
Sales Awareness & Approach
An understanding of the importance of good client service for all sales support personnel
1/2 – 1 day
Presentation Skills
How to get the most out of a face to face meeting
1 day
Negotiation Skills
This course is for buyers and sellers and helps to increase confidence when negotiating and provides techniques for a win win negotiation.
1 day