What we do

Since 2000, Leapfrog has been dedicated, to helping SMEs (Small, Medium Sized Enterprises) and start ups, make a leap in growing their business and improving their sales performance.

You see we’re an SME, so we understand how hard it is to dedicate yourself fully to all areas of your business. We all have different skills and unlike corporations we don’t have HR divisions, in-house design and marketing teams and vast numbers of sales managers and team leaders to help solve our problems.

Plus there is the added pressure of TIME! Most directors of SMEs cite “shortage of time” as a reason for not being able to dedicate themselves fully to all areas of their business. Finding new client’s and business development can often fall down the priority list when you are running the business and delivering your product or service – we also understand this predicament.

We think it is strange that SMEs do invest in expert help in finance, IT or marketing but in the area of sales most companies just try and muddle through.

The Question is:

  • Would you like to feel supported with your sales problems and questions?
  • Would you like to improve your business development techniques
  • Is your best good enough?

If you feel like some of the business owners we have worked with then maybe you need some outside help to leapfrog the competition!

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